I’m at an organic farm in Natick today, and on to visit The Peace Abbey tomorrow.

Today a wonderful woman stopped to talk to me and gave me a little protective charm with a picture of a saint on it. She didn’t have any food at the time and I wouldn’t take money, so she actually went shopping and then tracked me down miles down the road, where she loaded me down with as much food as I could carry. She also invited me to sit in her car to get out of the rain (without riding), where she showed me pictures of her four kids and asked me all kinds of motherly questions 🙂


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Walking for Peace

Starting June 1st, I’ll be walking at least 1,000 miles for peace. I will walk until given shelter and fast until given food. The way I understand the word, “peace” means internal peace, interpersonal peace, and peace on a national and international level. To get a little more specific, it also means that a young woman should be able to take a walk alone without fearing for her safety. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case right now. I’d like to help improve that situation.

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