I’m almost in New York!  It will be very exciting to cross a state line.

Some numbers from my trip:

Types of animals spotted: 1 porcupine, 2 deer, 3 groundhogs, 2 rabbits, 3 herons, several hawks, lots of frogs, and I’m pretty sure chipmunks are plotting a world takeover.

Most common trash on the side of the road: 1st place–alcohol containers, 2nd place–coffee cups, 3rd place–cigarette containers

Worst cell phone service if you live in Massachusetts: Verizon

Number of homes opened to me for the night: 21

Number of these homes with goats: 3

Number of mothers who have insisted on feeding me because I reminded them of their child: 4

Number of attempts to convert me to another religion: 2

Number of hostile or otherwise frightening people I’ve met: 0

Number of moose attacks: 0

Number of blisters currently on my feet: 10

The one thing I’ve seen in every town, no matter how small: A war memorial


1 Response to “Stockbridge”

  1. 1 Jeff July 1, 2007 at 2:40 am

    I am glad none of the animals have been of a kind that might eat you. Hope your good luck with our furry friends continues.

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Walking for Peace

Starting June 1st, I’ll be walking at least 1,000 miles for peace. I will walk until given shelter and fast until given food. The way I understand the word, “peace” means internal peace, interpersonal peace, and peace on a national and international level. To get a little more specific, it also means that a young woman should be able to take a walk alone without fearing for her safety. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case right now. I’d like to help improve that situation.

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